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Our Digital Marketing Strategy

Without a strategy, everything else is just noise. A good strategy identifies relevant opportunities to tackle unique brand, business and organizational challenges. Our Strategy experts leave no stone unturned, no opportunity is unexplored.

Because done right, a custom-made, purpose-built strategy can radically shift behaviour, just the way we want it.

The Challenge of Meeting Audience Expectations

  • Data collection and analysis... Unveiling concrete facts

    Data is at the heart of any marketing strategy. By extracting data from all available sources – first-hand data, performance of previous campaigns, competitor studies, customer interviews, surveys, etc. We get to know your audience, identify challenges and start formulating ideas.

  • Audience and Competition Research... Deepening your market

    To attract an audience, you need to understand their needs and challenges. Through in-depth audience studies, we discover the problems that the public faces and what makes them vibrate, in order to get closer to them and leave a lasting impression. Your competitors are hungry for the same customers.

  • Strategy development... from

    Data is essential, but the real challenge is finding opportunities and generating ideas, identifying new and imaginative ways to build, engage and convert your key audiences. Your strategy is distilled into a presentation that diagnoses the challenges your brand faces, outlines the ideas behind our solution and provides a roadmap.

  • Channel Planning... Marketing in the right place, the right way

    Whatever combination of paid, held and earned media channels we recommend, You Agency uses data and experience to assess where your marketing will have the most impact. We will then produce a marketing plan to make the best use of each of these channels.

  • Creative Briefing... Connect your audience to your brand

    When you are ready to implement our strategy, we can also help you do so. And no matter where our strategy is, we have the tools and expertise to execute it. If we recommend the creation of new assets, we will use our strategy to create visually appealing, course-oriented content that transforms our ideas into exceptional marketing executions.

  • Evaluation and optimization... Make improvements by measuring performance

    Whenever possible, we avoid treating strategies as a whole. Digital marketing is iterative and a strategy must be alive. We strive to regularly review marketing strategies to take new data into account, assess whether the market has evolved and adjusted the focus accordingly.

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